Forget About It

Forget About It by Caprice CraneForget About It by Caprice Crane is about Jordan, a woman who’s tired of living her life. She has a jerk boyfriend who’s cheating on her, a boss who’s been stealing her ideas, a mother who doesn’t seem to care much about her, a spoiled sister who thrives on making her life miserable, and debts that keep piling up. So when she gets hit by a car on her way home from work and wakes up from the accident to a mother and sister who are discussing her getting plastic surgery while she’s there, she decides she’s had enough.

Jordan makes a split decision before embarking on the deception of a lifetime. She sees faking amnesia as a way to reinvent herself and get back at those who have wronged her. The only person she lets in on her secret is her “awefully wedded husband” since she was seven Todd. Jordan plays the fine line between abandoning her pushover past-self and losing herself altogether.
Things seem to be going well for the new Jordan especially when Travis, the guy who hit her, turns out to be a really great guy. She’s got a brand new boyfriend, a job promotion, and more self-confidence. But then something happens, and Jordan finds herself thinking she might have gone a bit too far…
It made me think of Sophie Kinsella’s Remember Me? only Jordan was only faking her amnesia. It was easy to sympathize with Jordan and her want for a new life. This novel provided one hilarious situation after another. The characters’ clutches she’s attempting to escape are just detestable enough to be real. They weren’t over exaggerated in the least. I wanted to tell everyone about what happened in this book but didn’t want to give it away.
As soon as I was lulled into a sense of comfort, and I knew what was coming next, something completely unexpected happened, and I was thrown for a complete loop. Once I got a couple chapters in, it became incredibly hard to put this book down. Because of this I spent an afternoon in which I should have been writing a paper to finish it. But it was well worth it.
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