Character Study – Nollie

So my latest writing adventure contains one of my absolute most favorite character. Her name is Nollie (short for Magnolia), and she is one of the happiest characters I have ever created. Now that might seem strange that I have to say she is one of the happiest characters I’ve created, but I have a whole slew of characters that have a lot going wrong in their lives. It is very rare that I can start a story with a character in a happy spot. I have stories about jilted brides, dead husbands, really bad breakups, and other sad, tragic things.

Nollie doesn’t start off already weary but bubbly and happy. She is such a breath of fresh air after Ronnie. I felt terrible for Ronnie. I stuck her with a terrible breakup practically on page one and just kept throwing crappy situations her way. She got a happy ending finally, but it was rough going pretty much the whole time. Sometimes it’s really hard for me to write these characters who are so tortured, but I seem to always be drawn to them.

This is why I’m so excited to be writing Nollie’s story. Let me tell you a little bit about Nollie. She’s a redhead, and she rambles. I can not begin to tell you how fun it is to let her ramble, especially when she finds herself in an uncomfortable situation. She loves to dance, and she’s amazing fun to be around. She’s also got a great sense of humor. She does have the unfortunate tendency to read way more into a situation then is there which often gets her into trouble. She also falls into love a little too easily. She’s pretty outgoing but extremely protective of her photography. She has a huge fear of rejection, and an even larger fear of failure. She was also unfortunate to end up with the name Magnolia Flower.

What’s so great about Nollie is how easy she is to write. I don’t have to struggle to put her to paper. She just flows right onto the page with very little effort. It’s so nice! Especially after I’ve spent hours trying to get other stubborn characters to cooperate.

Here’s a little taste of Nollie as she talks–well rambles really–about her rambling:

“Sorry. I’m completely rambling. It happens sometimes. I’ve really been trying to work on it. I just get so carried away, and the words just seem to keep pouring out. And there I go again. I’m going to shut up now.” She placed a hand over her mouth as if to keep any more words from tumbling out as her face reddened almost to the shade of her hair.

So that’s a bit of Nollie. I know that was only a little glimpse, but what do you think? Do you have any characters that you just love writing?

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