Across a Hundred Mountains

Across a Hundred Mountains by Reyna GrandeAcross a Hundred Mountains by Reyna Grande told the story of two girls, one American and one Mexican who meet up in a prison in Tijuana. Juana’s father has traveled to America in an attempt to make money for his family to get them out of the small shanty that they live in. Having not had any word from him in years, the people around them say horrible things about how he must have found a white woman and forgotten all about them. Juana doesn’t believe a word they say and sets off to find him.

Adelina is now in her 30s and has returned to Mexico to find her own father, leaving behind the man she loves to do so. She has no idea if her father is dead or alive but needs to find out before she reunites with her mother whom she hasn’t seen in years.
This was a very poignant novel which switched points of view between young Juana and Adelina. Although the meeting of the two doesn’t actually occur until almost the end of the novel, they are both tied together by the journeys they take. Grande captured so much feeling with her words and had me crying and feeling the pain of Juana and Adelina.
I was enraptured by this novel and couldn’t stop until I found out what became of both Juana and Adelina. I got to experience Mexico and the hardships which some people there face. It was eye opening. This was a wonderful story which encompassed all emotions and touched me deeply.
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